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The key to modern life is to be, in a word, unborable

Every task can be made exciting if you allow yourself to see the magic in it, to embrace the practice of craftsmanship on the path to mastery (which can never be reached)

About me 🧙🏻

My name is Antoine BRAILLARD, Web Developper

<aside> ❤️ Mountain, running and new technologies !



✅ Friendly

✅ Calm

✅ Ambitious

✅ Tolerant

✅ Open-minded

✅ Joyful

✅ Rigorous



Education 🏫

Scientific Baccalaureat

Computer science option

Lycée Louis PERGAUD*, Besançon, France (Sept 2015 - Juil 2018)*

This is where I discovered computer science with Python. I’ve decided to continue my education in this field.


BTEC Higher National Diploma in Multimedia and Web

IUT Belfort-Montbéliard, Montbéliard, France (Sept 2018 - Juil 2020)

A complete diploma that taught me to work in a team on various projects combining design, communication and development.

I tried a lot of things and now I can understand the problems encountered by my future colleagues whether they are managers, designers or developers.

I focused on web development where I was able to use HTML/CSS, Javascript, VueJS, PHP, Angular Ionic Cordova





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Pre MSc Pro

Epitech, Strasbourg, France (Sept 2020 - Août 2021)

Less classes, more projects, more autonomy !

At Epitech I made a lot of projects using different technologies. Some were not interesting to me but I always tried to do the most to end each project and gain experience and knowledge.






What I care about

→ Clean Code 🧹

To avoid wasting time on understanding the code 😪 Clean code is quickly readable and understandable 👌

→ Deep Work ⏳

I am sure that interactions and notifications take a lot of concentration and therefore time. I try as much as possible to isolate myself when I want to do a task requiring full concentration 📵

→ Design - UX & UI 🦋

What a pleasure to work on a practical and beautiful UI !

→ Algorithms 🔍

Competition is in my blood 🤩 I really like crushing my head on puzzles and CoC from codingame.com (my profile)

→ Tests 🧪

To gain confidence in your code and find bugs quickly 💪

Technologies utilisées

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