<aside> šŸš§ WIP ā†’ Translating from FR to EN


<aside> šŸ“Œ Iā€™m looking for a web developper role 100% remote (I live in France)


The key to modern life is to be, in a word, unborable

Every task can be made exciting if you allow yourself to see the magic in it, to embrace the practice of craftsmanship on the path to mastery (which can never be reached)

About me šŸ§™šŸ»

My name is Antoine BRAILLARD, Web Developper

<aside> ā¤ļø Mountain, running and new technologies !



āœ… Friendly

āœ… Calm

āœ… Ambitious

āœ… Tolerant

āœ… Open-minded

āœ… Joyful

āœ… Rigorous

āŒ Annoying

āŒ Stressed



Education šŸ«

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